I have spent my blogging time today sorting out the blog. Ironic, yes. Time efficient? uh, no. But I have persevered. For those of you who may have stopped by prior you will notice I have added some more widgets to the right. Needless to say, this has been “fun,” confusing and reminiscent of trying to find the bathroom at a bar when you have had way too many tequilla shots.

I have also set up a Flickr page to share all the wonderful images I capture on a daily basis. I am a loon with the camera. If Jackson Pollock’s medium had been photography, it would look like what I capture with my multitude of cameras. But, I am not looking for a prize (though I did submit my photography to two separate judged shows and actually won an honorable mention – once.) But I believe that was a flook and the judge did resemble Ed Harris playing Jackson Pollock.

But I do love to take pictures. It is the best way for me to capture the beauty and the natural art that is around me, well, around all of us, everyday. I just happen to be here and you are where ever you are. A good and dear friend encouraged me to pick up the camera and just shoot and I have pretty much have been doing so ever since.  So, please check out the Flickr page as it evolves into whatever it will become.

I should say the same for this blog. Please check back and see what it evolves into because your guess is as good as mine.

But as I mentioned earlier, I have faith and a weird trust in the order of things. Granted, you will not get me on a roller coaster at gunpoint, hike in those hiking sandals (I just wonder about the logic of this particular footwear choice – especially with snakes), eat tomatoes with the seeds (I pick them out – is this TMI?) and or show up at someone’s house without calling first. But I do trust in the creative process and the ability of nature to handle the organic process. So, I am thinking of this blog as something organic. Something that I have planted. Something that I will tend. And something that I hope will grow.

Let’s see what happens.