Where mountains meets sky - there are no limits

“Most people are not really free. They are confined by the niche in the world that they carve out for themselves. They limit themselves to fewer possibilities by the narrowness of their  vision.”                       

                                                   —-V.S. Naipul    

Things have been a little crazy. The planets are out of alignment or one of my moons is in the wrong house or maybe my chakras are out of sync.    

Who the heck knows.    

All I know, with a fair amount of certainty, is that life got really crazy, really weird and a little topsy-turvy this last week.    

As you may have noticed, the Blog and the whole Just South of Zen ongoing discussion fell to the wayside along with my balance, my yoga practice and just general serenity.    

No one can escape it, especially if we lose our piece and our center.    

My center is the mat and the quiet time I spend in the morning contemplating the world as the sun rises on it. This is the place where I hollow out the time to be peaceful, where I set my intention for the day, the week, the rest of my life and I move forward attempting to stay as present as possible.    

However, even the best of us fall off the mat, fall off the wagon and fall of the face of the Earth.    

Seven days of working straight, rising early, skipping yoga, and getting caught up in the drama of life has stolen my peace. It snatched my center and ran away laughing like a lunatic shouting “Catch me if you can.” And all week, I couldn’t catch it. I couldn’t.    

I set traps for it. I left bait out. I tried calling to it in a kind and gentle voice.    

Every time I tried, it slipped through my hand like a slippery fish.    

Today, I reclaimed it.    

I remembered that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.    

So I stopped.    

Took a breath.    

Focused on that breath.    

And stayed there. All day.    

And you know what? It started to come back.    

The sense of center that comes with the breath and being in the moment came back, or rather, I came back to it.    

I let the things outside of me fall away and I sat with that sense of wholeness that comes with being one with the breath.    

The stress and absurdity departed; floated away.    

Poof! Like Magic.    

And when we open ourselves up to the moment amazing things happen.    

Resting this afternoon I had the most amazing dream.    

I was in a room and I was leaving this room there was a message written on the wall next to the door.    

It read “There are no limits. There are only limiting thoughts and limiting behaviors.”    

I woke up immediately and I had to write that message down. It sounded like something out of a Louise Hay book and it was in my dream!! My dreams are never that coherent or that profound!    

And that message has stayed with me through the whole day.    

I thought about how I had limited myself this week.    

I skipped the practice that I know would break limiting thoughts and limiting behaviors and allowed myself to be mired in the drama of day-to-day.    

And that, my friends, is a limiting experience.    

But it is easy, isn’t it?    

I mean it is so easy to get “involved” with the negative around us. It’s easy to become enraged at the person who cut you off in traffic because they “clearly” did it on purpose. It is easy to get involved in the office dramas because it breaks up the day. It’s easy to curse a fellow associate because they dropped the ball. It’s easy to become annoyed at the server at lunch because she was slow or forgot the side salad. And at the end of the day it is so easy to sit down and go over every single event that happened and to relive it and all the negative energy that comes with it. We replay it over and over in our head like a loop. And we go to bed with those experiences and the negative emotions tied to them only to wake up in the morning – and guess what – do it all over again.    

Negative energy is limited. We limit ourselves, our experiences and our potential by getting caught up in the garbage.    

Try this. Dump the garbage.    

Don’t allow the negative to limit your experience. Don’t allow the negative to limit your possibilities. If we get caught up in experiences that are potentially negative, then we tend to always look for the negative and guess what baby doll, that’s what we will pull to us, over and over and over again.    

Break the cycle.    

If you can stand on your mat, in your living room or sit in your car and open your arms and your heart to the world and say, I am beyond this, I am greater than this, I am not these limiting experiences – you can be liberated.    

When you focus on your breath, when you focus on the moment, the things that tear us down and tear us away from ourselves evaporate.    

But the key is, recognizing how important that practice is.    

Tomorrow, wake up and breathe.  Yes, yes, breathe for heaven’s sake, don’t hold your breath.    

But instead of jumping out of bed try this first:    

Sit on the edge of your bed or sit in a chair and breathe in and out for 20 breaths. If your mind starts to wander and suggests coffee or tea or a shower, let the thought pass. This is only 20 breaths and your mind can be patient.    

Breathe with me now – 20 deep breaths in and out of your nose.    

When you are done, bring your hands together close to your heart and set your intention for the day. Intend to not be limited by negative thoughts or words of others. Intend not to be limited by bad traffic. Intend to be open.    

Intend to embrace the possibilities    

You might be amazed at what may find you.