Drink to all that we have lost
Mistakes we have made
Everything will change
But love remains the same
  – Gavin Rossdale

As I move into the season of Autumn, I stand on the cusp of change. It is much like balancing on a cliff and glancing over the edge and wondering if taking the plunge is worth it. The very idea of taking the leap and the rapid and undeniable change that follows is frightening. I feel my feet digging into the proverbial earth and a million and one excuses filling my mind. Yet, change is inevitable.

We must grow and we must evolve. Not just in a spiritual sense. We all know that spiritual growth is work and concentrated work at that.

But even in the real, material world where our flesh lives, breathes, dances and thrives, we must be able to offer ourselves up for change. We must move away from the idea that something bad will happen if we actually do something good for ourselves and/or those we love. We must stop thinking that because tomorrow (or next week’s) routine may be a little different that something is wrong. Time is a life force of its own. Within that life force, the very energy that propels it is the concept of change.

I have said before that is it is easy to stay in our shell and cling desperately to all that we know and are comfortable with  – in whatever form that looks like to the individual. We can peek our heads out sometimes and only venture into new endeavors when it feels totally safe. We miss out on so much that way. We limit our minds, our bodies and our souls. We stop the very learning and evolution process that we are here to experience. We choose safe and stagnant rather than growth and possible risk.

The beauty of change is that it never stops. Perhaps we take the leap and we don’t like where we landed. The crazy, beautiful thing my lovelies is that we can leap again. And again. We can find the place that is comfortable enough to venture out further into this wonderful wacky experience we call life.

Not everything is going to be perfect. But there is beauty and perfection in everything. The trick is trusting in that very real Truth and knowing that whatever you are experiencing is something of value, no matter how challenging and painful. We change from every experience. If we embrace it, we can GROW, even if we are wounded from it. New skin heals over physical wounds. A new aspect of our very self grows and heals us in every difficult experience.

As for the those leaps that are wonderful – what greater feeling in the world is there to know you made the decision to leap and you find yourself flying and soaring? We feel the power of it underneath our invisible angel wings don’t we? We know that when all is going well there must be a God/dess, there must be a purpose, we are truly aligned with destiny.

Here’s a secret my beauties – all of those things are still there even when we think we have made the wrong decision and we find ourselves in a whirlpool of change that we don’t think we want. All of those amazing magical things exist even in that space. All of those things can transform you as you work through the challenges and move on and out of the tidal pull and find your breath and footing on the other side. We are always connected to it. We are always IT.

So as you stand on that cliff of change looking over the edge, you have a choice. Root in and never know what is on the other side OR gently take a step over and fall gracefully on the wind like an Autumn leaf embracing all that you have been, all that you are and all that you will become.

I have learned to take my own advice from this blog. So I think I am ready to fall gracefully and see what happens.

I will let you know the outcome when my little “leaf self” has landed.

Until then:
May the autumn winds blow gently on your door
And May the breezes of change bring tidings of light and love!

Happy Autumn,