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“Everyone has a song
God gave us each a song
That’s how we know who we are
Everyone has a song”
            – Robbie Robertson
              Making a Noise

There’s a tendency in human nature to make excuses.
For ourselves, for our actions, for our thoughts.
We do it as a defense mechanism for the EGO because the EGO always has to be “right.”

My first thought when beginning this blog post was to make excuses for not posting in such a long time. The thought flashed across the screen of my mind like an audience actor from a midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture show, blabbering in a strange primitive language. It caused me to pause. What was I going to say if I didn’t start this blog with some sort of explanation about my disappearance? Should I just start writing like I have been here all along? Should I start off with something witty and profound? Should a I write a whole paragraph discussing my thought process?

I bet you can guess which one I picked.

The truth is, I have been really caught up on many exciting things that have been happening here in the land of Just South of Zen. Recently, I made two commitments to myself (1) that I would make the best of living here in the South, embrace every moment and take from those challenging moments the learning experience that it was clearly intended; and (2) to truly live my zen practice and be fully present with each action, moment, breath and event and not overextend myself to the point of chaos and confusion.

So just to be clear – things around here got pretty chaotic for a little while.

This blog is important. Sharing my random thoughts and experiences is a way for me to truly process some of the major personal evolution I am experiencing. Most importantly, I want to be perfectly in the moment when I sit down at the keyboard to write. Each time I tried to do this in the last two months, something seemed to come up that was more demanding or pressing. 

Lucky for me, and the forward-moving energy of this blog, the chaos has slowed down. Life is always crazy, but when you are developing anything (yoga practice, teaching yoga classes, working on your art, learning something new, etc.) things will jump into your way. It’s the nature of this crazy thing called “life” that we all signed up for. The trick, of course, is being able to separate the garbage from the gems. Sometimes that means really stepping back and taking stock in what you  have, what you want to achieve and just as importantly, what brings you joy and brings you to center.

I have learned some interesting lessons in the last few months – like learning to say “No” (in a kind and compassionate way of course); learning to set boundaries and resetting priorities; and learning how to do this in a non-selfish way.

No easy feat my lovelies!

But as I have mentioned in other blogs, as you start to clear the clutter out of your life  – thoughts, relationships, food choices, the “junk” around you, how you spend your time – you start discover things about yourself and your life that are truly interesting and inspiring. When we have our lives so filled with “stuff” we can’t see the forest for the trees or the flowers for the bees. We can get so bogged down with the have to-dos and the need to -dos that we lose touch with the things that inspire us, we lose the ability to hear the music inside of us.

I think it is important to be in touch with that song within us.  That “song” is the creative part of us, the divine music that we long to connect with either through creating sound, writing, drawing, teaching, sewing, painting or photographing or building a giant sculpture out of scrap wood, stone and drift wood in the middle of the desert (you know who you are).

When we get bogged down by the stuff that surrounds us, we lose our valuable connection to this magic.

And then life and our actions and our moments can turn into a crazy spiral. There is never enough time is there? There is always something to do! There is always somewhere to be!

My suggestion would be to stop and simply “Be Here, Now” (thank you Ram Das).

If we take more moments throughout the day to simply Be  – be in the moment, be in the present, be the breath – we find that there are more moments in the day and time seems to expand with each breath. The things that we NEED to do, find their way to completion and by moving through them, we find ourselves on the other side of them with time to focus on connecting with our “song.”

This has been my experience. Not having time to write or put my fingers on the keyboard for this blog, or finish drafting the next five chapters of the book, I started really working on my present moment practice. I don’t mean “working” on it by talking about it or thinking about it or “planning” on doing it. I don’t mean writing in my date book that I planned on being present and breathing while writing a Strategic Marketing Plan. No, I stopped where I was and moved into the present while I was folding my son’s boxer shorts. I smiled with gratitude and joy because he fills my heart with gratitude and joy. I breathed and was fully present while I cooked brown rice and listened to black beans simmering. I breathed while I balanced the check book. I smiled up at the crisp blue sky. This practice has translated (almost) effortlessly into the more challenging things associated with work and business. Perhaps it requires being more diligent with our thoughts and mindfulness practice when are filling our business requirements. But, even more  importantly, it requires compassion when we find ourselves slipping away. 

I have found that  I breath and I am present in each thing that I do. Then suddenly I find myself quite content and on the other side of the “have to-dos” and embracing those things that bring allow me to connect with the song inside of me. So here I find myself in a quite space and time carved out perfectly with intention to sit down and write a the computer.

so here I am again – Hello!

I am glad to be here, now and I thank those of you who sent encouraging words and e-mails to start writing again. Each one of you is a wonderful gift. I look forward to us inspiring each other as time and space unfolds!

Remember breathe my darlings!
Breathe and know that you are this moment.