New Moon Landing
Image by Avital Pinnick via Flickr

“….and that if I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I shouldn’t look any farther than my own back yard.  Because if it isn’t there, then I never really lost it to begin with.  Is that right?”
– The Wizard of Oz

There is something about the Energy of the New Moon that inspires us to start something new or perhaps begin again for the first, second or third time. Where we begin does not matter, whether it is at the very beginning of the yellow brick road or somewhere down the line.

The Energy of this particular New Moon, that is tied into the last harvest of the season, is inspiring me to get back to my intentions. Back to my roots. Back to the beginning.

There have been so many things started, left unfinished, discarded and just hidden from plain sight.

Coming to South Carolina, now almost six years ago, was meant to be a new adventure for us. We had every intention of pairing down, simplifying, living close to the Earth and most importantly, living with intention. Those basic concepts should not have been, or should have ever been impacted by outward circumstances. Yet, for some reason, they were. Perhaps that ideal mission statement or intention that we had when we chose to move to South Carolina, was not strong enough at the time to endure some fairly heady and dramatic stuff at the beginning of our journey. It wasn’t even strong enough to pull us back to the basics even after the drama passed and after the healing had started. (I am speaking of my father passing away right after we moved here).

As I have mentioned or hinted at before, it was way easier to fall into old habits. Filling our time and life with mindless activities. Hiking in shopping malls instead of the woods. Staring at movie screens in crowded theatres instead of amazing sunrises and sunsets. Mindlessly buying packaged bread instead of digging fists into dough and kneading positive energy into a fresh, baked loaf of bread.

There have been challenges, I won’t kid you.

And I will take full responsibility for all of them.

I have learned so much since moving here.

I have learned that one of the greatest spiritual practices we can undertake is to not expect people to show up like we “want them to.” But rather, accept them however they show up. In each challenging personality, the Divine is present, smiling underneath frowns, judgements and gossip. We must be wiser than the world and see through the disguises that people wear. Below even the darkest ego, is a beautiful light.

I have learned that home is not where you used to live or what you use to do, it is where you are right now, this very second. It is the place inside your skin. It is the place on your yoga mat or meditation cushion. It is where you are and what you carry in your heart that defines home. The love, the memories, the friendships, relationships and the depth of your being is what defines home. No matter where you are in the world, these things are your furnishings, your roof and your front door.

I have learned that I can make friends here. I have learned that I have the capacity to stop being so freakin’ scared of being judged and ostracized because I may not fit the mold of what is expected or accepted geographically. I have learned that if I open my heart to others, they very often open theirs in return. I have found friends who I love and that make me feel like I have known them  since the beginning of this reality.

I have been happy,  bitter, elated, frustrated, angry and depressed living here. I I have also found the sublime state of bliss living here as well.

But here’s the funny part.

That could have happened anywhere.

Resistance is futile.

By consistently resisting this experience, I believe the negative has continued to persist.

Harder and faster lessons have come. Challenging people, challenging situations, uncomfortable moments, periods of isolation have all come about not because of where I am geographically.

I have clicked my heals together and repeated Dorothy’s mantra of “There’s No Place Like Home.” Standing confused in the shade of magnolia trees, I scratched my head and wondered why my ruby slippers were not transporting me. Yet, they were doing their magic all along. Because unbeknownst to me, I was home.

The truth is, the challenges (or perhaps lessons) have all happened because of where I was within myself.

Very, very far from center.

So my beginning, during this amazingly auspicious time, is not at the beginning of the yellow brick road.

My beginning and forward movement is from a new place.

It is from my center.

I can’t wait to share the adventures I will have on this new journey with you.

Will you join me?