Come on girls Do you believe in love?
‘Cause I got something to say about it
And it goes something like this…….
– MadonnaIMG_1083

Wake up my lovelies!
It’s time to talk.

There is a video that is circulating Facebook, the web, e-mail boxes, etc. It’s a Dove commercial that features a forensic artist sketching women based on their personal descriptions of their face and then another person describing them. The comparisons between the sketches were fairly astonishing. If for some reason you have missed this you can check it out here.

When I watched the video, I cried.

Brutal, uncomfortable honesty.

I cried, because I saw the undeniable beauty in all of these women. As they described themselves, I felt that they couldn’t see it. That something, someone, some societal standard, brainwashing bullshit had corrupted their ability to see their own beauty. Okay, it’s a commercial. I get that. But how often does this happen in real life?

Truth be told, Beauty isn’t skin deep, it is whole-istic. It is also very subjective.

We can spend hours picking ourselves apart and primping ourselves to enter the world. We worry that we are not the ideal shape, texture, color, style, …or whatever.

We hyper-focus on showing up in some expected way. For what? So that people will like us, men/women will love us? We will be accepted, feel empowered, recognized, valued, loved?

Ahh, there’s the kicker.

You are more powerful than you realize.

And you are Valued and Loved.

Stop right now. Stop the insanity. Put down that mascara wand, throw out the SlimFast, put the Valium back in the cabinet.

Repeat, “I am valued and I am loved.”

Now, I am not going to get into the whole Divine, Goddess thing, because I know that makes people uncomfortable. But if you are connected to something higher, (like Steve Winwood sings, a Higher Love), then you know you have that “love connection.”

But let’s start at home, with something a little more tangible and less whoo-whoo, shall we?

Let’s start with ourselves.

We, as woman (and men too) have to start valuing ourselves and loving ourselves, first. Not waiting for that moment to value ourselves after we have landed a significant other, not because someone said our dress was pretty or because we are having a good hair day. Not because we lost 35, 55, 95 pounds.

Right now. Right where you are. With who you are today.

Because the packaging may change, but you are YOU, right now. You will be that YOU tomorrow. You will be that YOU with lipstick. You will be that YOU at 30 and at 85. You will be that YOU in skinny jeans, baggy sweat pants, short hair, long hair, sans make-up, awake or asleep.

So let’s wake up a little bit.

Let’s stop hurting ourselves.

Let’s start a REVOLUTION, damn it!

Let’s wake-up and take back our power.

We are beautiful. We ARE different. But that difference, our individuality, is what makes us unique and so amazingly beautiful!

Stop holding yourself back. Let that fire and beauty within you shine bright.

Be a beacon. Light up the world with the energy that is inside of you. Allow that loving energy that courses through you and dances with your spirit to shine out into the world.

Let people see how amazing you are!

Look, I am curvy woman. I know it.

Do I sit around having self-loathing thoughts because I am not thin? Because I am not the shape that is reported to be the “in” thing? Do I fear that people are judging me? Making comments about how my jeans fit or about my ass?

I could. I really could. It’s so easy isn’t it? Everything we are inundated with tells women with curves that they are not of value. Diet plans, models, commercials, societal expectations. It makes me want to hit something or someone, sometimes.

Or scroll up and take the Valium mentioned earlier and wash it down with Prosecco.

You know what I do?

I remember that I must be “asleep” if I am thinking this way. If we are sleeping we are clearly having a nightmare, because this “crap thinking” is not real.

It’s programmed.

Don’t buy into it.

Stop buying into the garbage that is meant to take away your power and start investing in the actions and energy that will guide you to claiming it.

Rather than focusing on “dieting,” focus on health. Rather then focus on “working out,” grab your yoga mat, even if it is just to stretch and lay in calming Savasana. Instead of focusing on whether or not your face is pretty “enough,” (which it is, I assure you), wash off your make up and go out and sit in nature and let the sunshine warm your sweet cheeks. Instead of hyper focusing on your hair, go out and let the wind blow through it. Do something you love. Do something you were always afraid to do. Follow a path that calls to you.

Breathe, my sisters. Breathe.

Nurture yourself. LOVE yourself. Love Each Other!

You have the spark of something more than this world within you. (Atheists look away).

You do. That spark shines bright in you. When you devalue yourself, you devalue that spark. Connect with it and let it bring your true beauty forward.

I babble a great deal about choices. This is also a choice. A more challenging choice given the brainwashing we have been subjected to. But, still a choice.

We can continue to be asleep and buy the crap that we are being sold – that we are not beautiful based on some absurd template, that we are not of value because we are not beautiful and thus we don’t have power.

Even worse, we can judge other woman because they don’t measure up to the same garbage rating system we use on ourselves.

Or we can stop, drop and roll.

We can wake up and raise ourselves up and raise our sisters up as well.

Tell another woman she is beautiful. (Thank you Anna)

Give her a hug.

Hold her hand.

Celebrate each other!

Bond together in sisterhood instead of tearing each other down.

Go even further, let’s bond together in human-hood and raise each other up!

Be the damn Change that you Want to See in the World!!!!

Guess what my beautiful spirits? You do have the power.

Do not let anyone, anything or any standard try to convince you otherwise.

Now claim it! Claim yourself!

You are valuable, you are important, you are vital, you are perfect and you are whole.

And baby, you are stunning.

Don’t forget it.