Heather Freiberg

Writer, Seeker, Artist,  Flawed Human, Spirit.

I would rather be barefoot then wear shoes, Being among20621835_10212322318406457_4907173517598889465_n the trees and under the stars is where I feel most at home. I love to laugh. I love people who like to laugh and can make me laugh. Be honest, silly, imperfect and open and you have my affection.

Every day is a new opportunity to evolve. I seek the company of intelligent, brave spirits who are not afraid to be different in a world where its inhabitants are constantly trying to define you in order for them to feel comfortable. I am a contradiction. I strive to live in the moment but also live in daydreams. I believe that Truth and Love are the greatest forces in the Universe. Magic and miracles are real, we only need to open our mind, body and soul to the possibilities. In a world that tries to limit us – Anything is possible.

I struggle as I straddle the fence. I long to be one of those deep swimming, soulful, spiritual sorts who can drink green juice, meditate in the middle of Times Square and bow deeply with a pleasing Namaste’ when I am confronted by an ill-tempered person. Yes, I do certainly have these moments.

But I am human. So very human. I try to embrace my humanness everyday, keep my ego in check and find the joy in each moment. There are days when I succeed at that as well. There are also those days when I drink too much coffee and yell at people in traffic (and immediately regret it).

I try to cut through the garbage and seek the spiritual in everyday and everything. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I get plowed over. But even a fresh plowed field is beautiful. I have found that it is imperative to recognize that beauty in everything – no matter how challenging that may seem.

My mindfulness practice is my flotation device in a world that is challenging and raw. But this world is also beautiful and alive and filled with so many wonderful experiences that I often feel like my heart will break wide open.

Just South of Zen is  a place to share my experiment in simplicity, and mindfullness supported by a zen approach to living. It is also a testament on how we are all students on the path and it is “okay” to fall short of the mark.

This is my journey and I am glad you are here to share it.

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