I am currently working on an offering in Sumter, South Carolina in the downtown area.  This will be a women’s yoga class focused on breath, movement and body acceptance. The class will offer a safe and welcoming environment for practice and exploring where your body currently is and where it can take you. This class is perfect for anyone who is seeking to participate in a slow and gentle practice supported by sisters on the same journey. All postures can be modified for your comfort level. For more information please send me a message through the Reach Out link. https://justsouthofzen.com/reach-out/

YOGA and Exploring the Path of Creative Magic

I am putting together a one day retreat to take place during the winter months. It will offer gentle yoga and creative practices to explore how we can embrace our inner artist. For most of us, we hesitate to “create” for fear of being judged for the final product or for using our time to tap into our creative spirit. We were all artists as children until someone told us we weren’t. This class will call to that child that lives in us and encourage her/him to come out and play. For more information please drop me a note via Reach Out. https://justsouthofzen.com/reach-out/